So you want to be a Rail Contractor.......


Contracting is all about freedom of choice. To be able to work when you want, and within reason where you want.

Rail contractors will need to be self employed or have a Limited company, your accountant will be able to advise you (you will need the services of an accountant).

Your hourly rate will be more than a "normal" employee but do remember, you will have to pay tax and national insurance at the end of the year. You do not have the security of sickness pay and you do not get paid for holidays, and when you do not work you do not get paid, so its not for everyone.

Many companies not only rail, will take on contractors when they have a busy period because it is easier than employing a full time person, they will be able to give a term of contract, and at the end of that, you will be off to the next job. If you are clever, and good at your job, you can build a list of people who employ contractors, and when you have a quiet period, contact them to see if there is any work.. The other alternative, is to go through a specialist employment agency. They will find the work for you, but they do charge for their services. This is probably the best way to give you continuity of employment.

Contractors play a very important part in keeping our rail structure in operation. From station and depot maintenance, signal systems and engineering contracts, to bogie maintenance and overhaul, air conditioning servicing and upgrades, refresh modifications, ongoing and major refurbishment, interior coach build, seat replacement and re trimming, door maintenance, door refurbishment and replacement, electrical maintenance, and upgrades, paint and bodywork, track signalling and depot maintenance for both mainline and underground.

The choices of contract are numerous. Please be aware, you will have to have the relevant qualifications, and you will have to provide proof of those when applying for any position. The qualifications will be checked, references followed up and you will have to provide a current, accurate C.V. a passport, and take a drugs and alcohol medical.

Rail Contractors.... keeping the wheels on the rails.